Larry Hryb

Larry Hryb Feb 20, 2014

The Xbox One Media Remote
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Michael Borody Allteady pre-ordered!!! :):):):)

luissolid Making my order Right now! ;)

FrZt B1te Im going to say that when I met him at the Microsoft Store in Edmonton since he had a Nokia Lumia 1020,

FrZt B1te That thats what hes using is a 1020, I have one and the pics/video are unreal !!

NoBullet Hey guys do you remember videogames? Sony does.

Gabrial Szakal Bout time!

JoseRodriguez Why the controller? Aren't we the controller with Kinect

Keenan Conner Pepperidge farms remembers.

Rob Miguel Da um pra min ? Sou do brasil n tenho condições ;)